Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog Homework #1

~ Write a page about you. Introduce yourself. Prompt: If you were a character in your own book, what would your name be? Describe your inner self and your outer self. Prompt: "He saw her sneak into the classroom. She was ____, but he could tell she was____. . ."

Assignment #1

Professor Snickety began the class as he always did, peering over his glasses at his students, and smoothing over that lonely swath of hair sitting at the tip of his forehead.

"Today I'd like you to ponder Shakespeare's ability to make even the most despicable characters...."

The door creaked open as Scarlett tried to stealthily sneak into the theater styled lecture room. She tried, but really, it was hard not to notice the echo of the door hinges and the dark, rich colors paired together simply on her average frame.

Her friends in the class knew she physically looked like someone who would hide in the back of the class and never speak up, and perhaps she was in the past, but they smiled knowingly, because Scarlett never let an opinion go unsaid, if she could help it.

They also knew, that though she kept her beauty regimen simple, running around without a dab of makeup except on Sundays, she was quite a complicated, fussy woman when it came to food, learning, and magnifying the talents she didn't think she had.

She was the type of girl who was immediately warm and friendly, but also knew to give space when someone didn't respond with that same warmth. She was very loyal, but destructive when crossed. She would be quite gentle with words in person, but scathing on paper. If there was one thing her friends could count on, it would be her ability to stand true to her values. There was a stubborn streak, a generous heart and an addiction to humor that endeared her to those closest to her.

She loved to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease, but valued having few friends - she'd prefer to have a few loyal, sincere friends than flippantly gather up quantity. In essence she was a mix of contradictions and "if this...then that".

Professor Snickety sighed, as Scarlett was known to always run a bit behind. He then smiled unwillingly, as she dropped off a bag of fresh pears on his desk. Against his will, she had burrowed herself into his amused affection. He waited for her to sit down, cleared his throat, and continued his sentence.

"...could make even the most despicable characters, relate to each reader. Why is it, my dear students, that we often despise those that are most similar to our darkest selves? Turn to your favorite play and create a character analysis of the villain or villains, and discover what traits are similar to yourself."

After a brief comment to her neighbors, creating a giggling fit, the students bowed their heads and began writing.


  1. Ooo, I loved reading this. This writing seminar is going to be so fun. I feel I know you, even if it's just a little better.

  2. You are so kind to me. Can't wait to read yours...and HELLO... am so excited to feel like I'm virtually back in school...and for FREE! ;-)

  3. i loved the way you wrote this! It is so fun seeing everyone's writing styles from the class!

  4. Thank you Hannah! This is too much fun!

  5. I love how Scarlett "had burrowed how way into the teacher's affection." You described her so well. Thanks for sharing this great post!

  6. Thank you Travelin'Oma - I feel like I just got my gold star!

  7. Wow. Great job. I knew you were a great writer, but didn't know your talent in this particular style. It was so much fun to read.

  8. Thanks ladies... I was nervous doing this...haven't done this since college.