Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween is Nigh

 Last year's costumes.

I'm afraid that with each year that passes, I'm starting to lose more time as holidays march on by me.

For some reason I've been in a mind-set of "Halloween is weeks away" and all of a sudden it is next week.


I don't have a solid idea on anyone's costume. Granted, last year it was the same way, but I had at least planned something, and pulled it together fast. I usually work best under short deadlines, and extreme stress. It's not healthy, it's just how it is.

So as for the kids' costumes, I'm still deciding. To be fair, they've also been changing their minds. They aren't easy to please. They don't want a run of the mill costume that anyone can buy at a bulk Halloween store, no, they want something unique. Blast! Wish me luck.

Costume contest, and my Hot Air Balloon daughter won over the Eiffel Tower. 

I'm not even going to bother topping last year. NO WAY. I'm not thrilled my husband recycled the hot air balloon costume, as I could've used it this year for my youngest.

I'm just glad I decorated our door a few weeks ago. Granted I decorate like a child, but I'm a very happy child.

We named her Ethel the door monster.

How are you doing on Halloween costumes? Want to make mine? I'm not joking. Well, maybe a little.


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  1. You are one creative mama! From your family's halloween costumes to your door, I'm amazed at all your original ideas!