Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mimi's Cafe And The Perfect Bite

Mimi's Cafe Classic French Onion Soup

Before I had children I remember visiting Mimi's Cafe for the first time. I remember my mom in love with their carrot bread. In fact, I'm pretty sure she wrapped some up in a napkin, and asked the server to refill the breadbasket. She'd probably be mortified if she read this, so no one tell her I shared that.

Who am I kidding?

We all do that.

Mimi's Cafe Coq au Vin. The, I KNOW!

Over the years, Mimi's Cafe had lost something. However, the good news is, that Mimi's Cafe is under new management, Le Duff America, Inc. This new revival at Mimi's Cafe has brought together people who believe in heritage, quality ingredients, and a focus on dining as a communal activity to be enjoyed.

Fried egg on the burger, always. Those thin, crispy, perfect onion rings, you have to try.

Recently, I was invited to Mimi's Cafe in Sacramento to enjoy a meal with new menu items that Mimi's Executive Chef, Katie Sutton has extensively relaunched. Essentially, Mimi's Cafe wants you to have the "perfect bite."

This is my "perfect bite" baked brie with apricot chutney on a baquette with a crisp apple. Shhh, I'm enjoying this.

Executive Chef Katie Sutton has a long list of awards, and experience tied to her resume. Perhaps what recommends her the most, is her joy. There are some people you meet, and you immediately feel like you've been friends forever. Katie is one of those people. She loves food, and she values quality. You can tell just by being near her. She's also so welcoming, warm, and easy to get along with, you really feel like you're just sitting in her kitchen, enjoying each other's company.

Just me and my new BFF, Katie. Yo.

It's pretty remarkable for a company to completely wake up their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus in about half a year. Right now, you can visit any Mimi's Cafe across the country and try their new dishes. Next year, expect brand new desserts. Yes. Get excited.

Baked Brie, really. No words.

You've got to try some of my favorites from the tasting. The baked brie, hands down wins my approval. I would be willing to share the baked brie before or after a movie, or just because. Give me a call. The strawberry waffle is easily a perfect breakfast choice. Pretty much, anything Mimi's makes with a perfectly runny yolk, I'll eat. Their Coq au Vin has the sauce I sort of drool over.

Katie told me it was interesting to see how most men prefer the apple, bacon, maple waffle above, and most women go for the strawberry, orange marmalade cream cheese waffle. Which will you choose?

Brioche Croque Madame, call it whatever you want, all I see is a perfect egg yolk that I am powerless to refuse.

I don't know about you, but I think I'm going to start hanging out closer to Mimi's Cafe when I get a little rumbly in my tummy.


ps. Mimi's Cafe invited me to a tasting of their menu, and all opinions are entirely, tastefully, my own.

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  1. Thank you for this post and sharing your experience Stephanie. I once had breakfast at Mimi's when I used to live in Folsom but it was unremarkable so I never returned. Now I'm tempted to try it again with the refreshed menu you talked about. - Karen