Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today We Play

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My playful, mischievous munchkins.

I'm not good at keeping the house organized. (My husband is nodding his head in ferocious agreement right now.)

I'm not good at getting to school early. (Everyone who sees me sprinting to class, holding two backpacks, while my daughters try to keep up, will agree.)

I'm not good at structure. (Creative people need freedom.)

However, I'm really good at playing. 

Truth is, I wasn't really good at it for a period of time, until the kids came. They keep me young.

Homework stresses me out. 

Play? Play is my zen place.

A trampoline in the living room? 

Yes. 100 percent yes. Always, yes. Even if you have to convince your husband, yes.

Move the tramp out of the way to play wall ball? 

Why not? 

(ps. press play on the video below. You want to come play don't you?)

Play is about letting go, exploring, discovering new things by experiencing them. I find the best, most lasting learning opportunities are through play, and through first-hand experiences.

Shhh... we're at Church.

This is why we love to travel, to eat new foods, to participate, to touch, to move, to sing, to read, to laugh, and to dance.

When I find something interesting I guide my girls to it. Often they show me ordinary things in a new light. I enjoy viewing the world through their eyes. There are times I need to encourage them to let loose, by getting excited, goofy, and curious. Sometimes, even kids need to be reminded to just have fun. We are their examples. Want happy, playful kids? Be a happy, playful parent.

It's a grand adventure, full of ups and downs with these two miraculous daughters of mine. I'll always be glad we played. We can grow up tomorrow, perhaps. Today? Today we play!

Gymboree believes in the power of playing. That's why they created the lovely video below.

What will you play, today? 


This is a Gymboree sponsored post. We love Gymboree, but all the playful opinions are always my own.


  1. We tell a lot of jokes, and do a lot of wrestling and tickling. I am not as good at playing as I should be, but I keep trying.

    1. We need to hang out. My girls love jokes, and often request us to tickle them. Hilarious.

  2. Dance, dance, always with the dancing. While one of the kids is playing piano, or on the wii, or in the kitchen, it's all dance all the time. Also, the neighborhood kids are playing a pick-up game of something resembling tennis in our cul-de-sac right now.

    1. You're the dancing queen for sure! I grew up in a cul-de-sac and wish we were living in one now. Pick up games rule.

  3. Mostly I just sit on the couch while I nurse a baby and try not to freak out about my house getting bombed around me. And then we hit the park a lot, a lot a lot.